UMI INDUSTRIAL (SHANGHAI) CO. LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of metal zippers & metal accessories for garments.  With advanced machinery and zipper assembly production lines & innovative technical team and rich-experienced management team, UMI products are enjoying high reputation for our stable high quality products and good services to our clients. Therefore our products have been widely exporting to leather & jeans garment industries in South East Asian, South American and European countries since 1998. 


UMI zippers includes 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8# and 10# brass zippers and aluminium zippers, all our products can reach international standard of oxidation resistant, nickel free & Azo Free.   We also imported Y teeth production line for 5#, 7#, and 8# brass zipper to enable our quality very close to the YKK metal zipper's figures. 


UMI metal accessories department mainly manufacturing  metal buttons & buckles, including brass snap, alloy button, belt buckles, metal plates, zipper puller, and all related metal products.


We're aiming to provide the absolute best for our customers with superb service and reliable products. Customer's' satisfaction is our critical part of our company.  We strive for excellence and seek to exceed our customers' expectation. We understand our customers always have a better choice and we must be the better choice.  Customers are the reason why we exist.  Trust UMI, Trust your choice!


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